Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Fleeting Shimmer We Call Life

Lately I have been thinking more and more about the way that time seems to slip away from us. One day we're learning to ride a bike and the next we are breathing our last. Thinking about the mere shimmer that is my lifespan grips me with fear, but it is a fear that motivates. We are given ONE chance to live our lives. There are no do-overs and it slips away too quickly. I want to live my life to the fullest.

For me that means that I am more cautious about high risk scenerios (sky diving) and less cautious about low risk scenerios (holding a tame boa constrictor). It means that I treasure every moment with my daughter. Every time I feed her or snuggle her to sleep, I store that memory away. It means that every time I get to dance in the kitchen with my husband I make an effort to breathe deeply and be totally present. These times are fleeting and I don't want to miss a second.

It also means that I want to record memories in a more tangible way for myself and my loved ones. I want to photograph meaningful moments in our lives without being removed from the moment itself. It means I am highly motivated to learn how to document the tiny life that has been entrusted to me through photos and engaging storytelling.

To this end, I am making a deliberate effort to improve my photography and writing skills, as well as snatching any opportunity to document Ellie's days.

These are some of my recent efforts. 


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