Monday, August 22, 2016

Meeting Your Best Friend

Meeting your best friend only happens once for most people, but if you consider your siblings to be your best friends then some people get a few opportunities! I remember very vividly meeting my little sister Jodi when I was only eighteen months old. My dad drove me to the hospital that was about an hour from our home in West Texas. I remember getting out of the car and holding his hand as we walked into the stark hospital building. We walked into the room and my mom was sitting in the bed with my little sister. After proper introductions, my parents let me sit in a chair and hold my new little sister. IT WAS AWESOME!

I really thought about meeting Jodi when I thought about how I wanted Ellie to meet Liam, but ultimately the crazy Texas storms that were rolling through Houston dictated their introduction. Esquire and I hired the lovely Crystal of Gilded Sun Photography to take photos of this special moment.

Since the flooding in April, we've been incredibly blessed by my aunt and uncle opening up their home to us while our house is being rebuilt. My wonderful aunt watched Ellie for us when we were at the hospital with Liam. We coordinated with Crystal to meet us at my aunt's house when we were released from the hospital. Esquire stayed in the car with Liam while I went in and loved on Ellie.

We called Esquire to bring in Liam and Ellie finally got to meet her little brother.

Just press play!

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