Friday, March 10, 2017

Gonna Try Something New

Guys, I love to write. There's this ferocious beauty to bending the written word to your will. There's something sacred about recording life within prose. It's downright magical.

Ironically, I have the darnedest time sitting down to write anything of substance. I feel like I've been running on empty for awhile. My creativity has been lackluster.

Then one day I just sort of woke up. Actually, it was a text from Esquire highlighting two women's campaigns. One was for body positivity at any size or shape and the other was about having a healthy, strong, fit body. I realized that I don't want to settle. This idea that we have to passively accept our body the way it is can be freeing in some ways. I have Charcot Marie Toothe disease, but I love my body anyway. Still, I don't buy the idea that my body is optimal no matter how I treat it. I can love my body and strive to make it the better than before. I get ONE body and ONE life. I don't want to settle for a body or an imagination that's just on autopilot.

So, I've started going to the gym. I've started trying to find things that spark my creativity. I'm taking videos of my kids and putting them together into bite-size clips of their day. I'm taking more photos capturing the moments that matter. I'm taking some online photography courses.

I'm starting to feel that tingly feeling again. The one that says the world is full of wonder and magic.
It's a heady feeling.

Here is a short video from our day today. You can check out my YouTube channel in the future for snippets. Hope you enjoy a glimpse at our day.