Hi! Welcome to my little slice of the internet.
I think this is the part where I try to convince you how cool I am.

I'm a storyteller, married to my best friend, mama to two beautiful kiddos, photography enthusiast, chronic oversharer, and a wanna be world traveler.

In 2012, I married E and moved from my home in Fort Worth to Houston. I went from working just shy of full time and taking full time classes in a town full of people and places I knew and moved to an unfamiliar city where I knew only a handful of people. Unemployed and transitioning into the whole marriage thing, I decided to start this blog. Of course, very shortly thereafter I started a full time job and got pregnant with our daughter, but I still loved the vision I had for this blog as a way to connect with people and share about our growing family.

I've included a few links to posts about my marriage, my motherhood, my photography, and our family travels. The oversharing is everywhere. Hehe :)

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