Friday, April 4, 2014

A MASSIVE Photodump

I had the best intentions of taking photos of Ellie on the first day of every month. Or maybe every week. Or maybe every day. I was going to document her tiny life and make sure we had photos of her as she grew from a tiny baby into a beautiful little girl.

Like I said, I had good intentions...and then I did what I normally do and procrastinated. So, the super cute "1 Month" photos I imagined doing are actually really cute "Six and a Half Weeks" photos, but I put "1 Month" on the chalkboard so I would feel better.

This post is just going to be a massive photo dump, so be prepared for the onslaught of cuteness!

E and I have been watching a lot of the British show "Top Gear" on Netflix recently, so we were thrilled to discover that at the beginning of each month there is an exotic car show held less than two miles from our apartment. E and I had tons of fun checking out all the fun cars and I snapped a cute photo of Ellie Belle and E on her official "1 Month" day.

I'm going to put little captions on the car photos instead of boring you with long explanations.

Ariel Atom
Tesla Roadster
Lamborghini Superleggera
We found this cute old car all by its lonesome and thought we should take some photos of its classic lines.

Then the next day, Ellie went to church for the first time. She did really well and slept most of the service, but by the time we got home for photos she was done cooperating.

Ellie's Nana K and Auntie Leneigh came to visit a few weeks later and helped me re-stage her "1 Month" photoshoot. It was much easier with their help and by that time Ellie had gotten much more expressive.

They also painted my dining room for me. The color is Valspar Frosty and it makes the whole house look prettier and more spacious!

E and I have been enjoying getting to know our little lady. E has been working hard at being a good daddy, but some of his parenting moments are more hysterical and some are more adorable.

We're getting better at family selfies too!

After E's mom and sister left, Ellie's Auntie Kayla came to visit. We had lots of fun with her and tried to convince her to stay, but apparently Uncle Zech missed her. While she was here, she took lots of photos of Ellie Belle. We even went to the park and she took some photos of Ellie and I together. I'm just going to go ahead and count the park photos and the bluebonnet photos as Ellie's "2 Month" photos. 

This girl is starting to make the darnedest faces! Check out some of the adorableness that Kayla captured.

I may have called E while he was playing video games and then sent this to him to "prove" that it was Ellie calling him instead of me ;)

She wasn't being a very smiley baby, so I tried to help her out a little...No such luck!

This is my "Look What I Made" pose ;)

She started fussing so we put her in her stroller and turned on some music with a good beat. She calmed right down when she started listening to the music!

I had to go to the doctor for another checkup on the 2nd, so afterward I went to a nearby park that has bluebonnets. I didn't get a lot of good ones since she was asleep when I started and I was using my iPhone, but I am really happy with one or two of them.

And last but not least, a few random photos...

And THAT, my patient friends, is the end of this post. Hope you enjoyed it!