Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boy or Girl?

Esquire and I have been able to feel our little Parasite moving for a few weeks now. I'm only sixteen weeks (seventeen on Saturday), but last night we were able to see it actually move the skin on my belly. It's not supposed to be able to hear yet, but it seems to respond to outside stimuli. For example, baby was kicking like crazy and seemed to startle when Nessie let out a loud bark. After a few seconds, it went back to kicking like it was before.

Tomorrow we should finally find out if this little wiggleworm is a boy or a girl. I'm so excited!
We joked after the last sonogram that maybe it wasn't a human baby after all. We think it looked suspiciously like we were having a platypus. So, we've decided that if it's a platypus, we're naming it Perry after Perry the Platypus. Still no definite names for a boy or a girl though.

I really want a girl, but I'm warming to the idea of a boy. We'll let everyone know the gender soon!

Here's an obligatory photo of the baby bump
(forgive the photo quality...was taken with cell phone in a dirty mirror :P)

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