Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Photos of Mairi...and a Sad Farewell.

I finally had a chance yesterday to snap some decent pictures of Mairi. I took her out on our balcony and tried to wrangle her into an adorable position. It wasn't as easy as the time I took photos of Nessie, but I think Mairi's personality really shines through in these pictures. Take the first one for example, she's definitely my puppy. I always get caught with my mouth open during photos.

I am so grateful for my dear husband, E. He is head puppy wrangler. It's rough having two puppies sometimes, but he's generally pretty patient with them and their neediness. I just hope we can work all the kinks out by the time we decide to have kids. I want two well-behaved dogs before I introduce little Hennigans to their environment. E and I decided to go ahead and get both of them so we could have lots of time to spend with them before adding to our load. I feel like I would not do well with an unruly dog and little kids. Too much stress!

We have one of E's old roommates staying with us right now. It's been so great to get to see him and hang out with him. He was always fun to be around when we were dating, so it's been nice getting to spend some post-marriage time with him. I know E is loving it!

We bought a new couch several weeks ago and I bought some art work to hang above the couch.
It looks pretty spiffy, but I still have to print some cute photos to put in our picture frames above the couch.
I'll post pics when it's finally done!

Memorial Day weekend we'll be in DFW to celebrate my birthday a little early. We are getting our photos professionally done (with Nessie and Mairi in some of course...can't leave the dog-babies out!) by Sarah Bunyard Halferty. She and her husband are leaving soon to be missionaries in Papua New Guinea. She's doing some last minute photoshoots to help raise money for their move and ministry, so if you want to donate or have your photos done by her then you better do it soon!

I came into work today and S was sick. Poor baby took turns playing with his toys and clinging to me with a binky in one hand, a snuggly blanket in the other hand, and his sweet little head on my shoulder.

I have so much to say today and I'm not sure where to start or where to censor myself.
My dear friend Emylee, who came to see me over the weekend, and the rest of her family are reeling from the loss of one of their family members. Today, they will be attending Kenny's funeral.

I didn't know really know Kenny, but his loss impacted me. I don't normally photograph weddings, but last April I had the privilege of documenting Kenny and Mandy's wedding. It was the first wedding I've shot. It unsettles me that he's gone after barely a full year of marriage. It definitely made me take a step back and realize that I need to let people know that I value them. It also made me hug my handsome husband just a little tighter at night and cuddle a little longer in the mornings.

So, hug your loved ones close and I'll say farewell with these photos of Kenny on his wedding day and with his wife and little son at a birthday party in September. You will be missed Kenny.

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