Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Growing up in West Texas, I went through a phase where I fancied myself a green thumb. I would scour plant magazines looking for unusual varieties of plants that I wanted to grow. My one real foray into gardening came in the form of a bunch of rose bushes planted around my house. However, they weren't planted deep enough or watered enough to really thrive. After my grandfather "accidentally" mowed them over with the tractor, my dreams of becoming a gardener were mostly banished.

When I was flipping through plant magazines during my gardening phase, I stumbled across a variety of blue/purple fleshed potatoes that really fascinated me. The thought of have naturally colored mashed potatoes seemed like such a great idea! I never had a chance to try them, but I thought about it occasionally over the years.

I was shopping at HEB for groceries when I came across PURPLE POTATOES! They were on sale. I had to try them! I was a little concerned about what E might think about purple potatoes but he seemed enthused.

Yesterday I made purple mashed potatoes and thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of my little cooking adventure!

This is what the flesh of the potato looks like.

These are peeled and chopped.

When I boiled them the water turned a really pretty blue!

Using my KitchenAid mixer for the first time! It was a Christmas present from my Mom and Dad. The potatoes are kind of chunky.

After mixing they became smooth and creamy like normal potatoes. I added garlic, salt, pepper, habanero sauce, and sour cream. They were delicious!

E was coming home for lunch, so I whipped up some pork chops to go with the purple potatoes.
I cooked them in a purple pan too!

The final meal complete with purple knife. Are you seeing a theme? :)

Purple potatoes are actually really healthy for you. They contain a powerful antioxidant called anthocyanin.

Next time you see some wild colored potatoes in your supermarket give them a try! 


  1. Fun! I never thought of mashing them. I usually cube them up along with some golden potatoes and toss them with olive oil and some spices and roast them. I will have to try the mashed! :)
    p.s. Sounds like you are spoiling E. LOL

  2. Haha! I'm not spoiling him too much, Aunt Cindy. He's spoiling me too. I never thought about serving them that way. That sounds yummy!